Fishing session 4.0 by Wladi

Fishing session 4.0 by Wladi

I'm going fishing! Weather says: Friday to Saturday rain and storm, Saturday will be so-so and Sunday 22 degrees. Perfect! So I went! To be honest, I didn't care about the weather, because two weeks before I had to bare 4 days and I won't let that sit on me!

Arriving at the 25-hectare lake, I immediately pre-lined three known spots, one plateau at four meters and two herb holes at six meters, each with around 800g of tiger nuts, corn, insects and Livebomb boilies. It's the mix that counts! I stretched my two rods on the plateau and one of the two herb holes, the other herb hole served as an alternative place.

For hookbait I used a 3/4 Soaked Liverbomb Hookbait and 3/4 Sweetbeast Popup, I prepared the bait before feeding and added 3-5 sprays of Suid Bomb Baitspray and let it soak in for about half an hour!

Plateu - carp

The first night passed and the storm dragged on into the early hours of the morning. After that, only a light rain phase followed. And as you can already guess, the first fish on the plateau was landed safely, shortly after the rain! A smaller mirror that gave me only a short fight. Nevertheless, I had to get on the boat because the lake in this corner is particularly overgrown and I always play it safe here!

A quick picture and got the Nash Scope Black Ops out again and lined up the ATTs! I mixed some feed again before putting it down - again the same mixture! And gave two hands to the spot, true to the motto "Food is power, but sometimes less is more". I put the Krautloch rod in the same move into the already pre-fed Krautloch, without adding any more food there. The hookbait was the same, but by connecting with the water it had already "started to work properly"!

Beauty - Carp

It really wasn't long before the Reactivated Krautloch rod expired! Again after a short rain shower at noon. Full run! A completely insane carp hooked perfectly in the bottom lip with my multi rig on the soft hair and pulled through the weed. I felt like I had a ton of it in the boat after I was able to safely carry it over the edge of the net. It was more than worth it with this beauty carp! Unique and a rarity in this lake.

The call for more

Effective carp fishing sometimes requires strength, time and nerves and so I decided in the evening just before it got darker to look for a new place and found a fairly small interesting spot with hard ground in the middle of the largest carpet of herbs in the lake and repaired it there, i.e. without it Lining up my rig with newly baited Livebomb Hookbait and Sweetbeast Popup. On the Livebomb hookbait I cut off a few smaller pieces on the diameter so that it just works a little faster and is more attractive.

A silence fell over the lake and there was hardly any activity. Was it really wise to leave the fed place? Now these thoughts came, because the time window was closing so slowly, since Sunday after 12 noon was supposed to belong to the family and I had to leave early.

7 o'clock and the spark screamed like crazy!!! Rod picked up, struck and the other rod suddenly reported! Second rod struck and called my couseng from the feathers. Luckily he was in the seat next door and was able to get to me fairly quickly as both runs again challenged the boat. So we both went on a drill that I won't get out of my head anytime soon. The rods were about 300 meters apart and we ended up netting the fish about 10 meters apart. Awesome! Copied and brought to the shore for the photo shoot. Two picture book scale carp.

Successful Carp Sunday

Sunday gave me two fish at the same time and I was able to finish this session perfectly and go home to the family, who were already waiting for me longingly. I hope the next time will be at least as successful!

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

Your Wladi 👋🏼

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