The running place of Robert

The running place of Robert

Despite being on vacation, we left early in the morning and with lots of coffee so that we could reach the water before the temperatures were unbearable. 36 degrees in the shade were announced for the day and it shouldn't get any better for the rest of the week either.
After a few slippery descents, we had our gear in our designated spot and watched the water. The first fish were not long in coming and betrayed their position by heaving their big bellies out of the water and diving under again with a loud splash. We grinned at each other and quickly set everything up. I quickly found a large, weed-free sandbar and immediately put food on it. My fishing friend took a little longer but found two nice hard bottom weed holes. After some time I got the first run and after a relatively short drill (compared to what was to follow the next day), I had an absolutely gorgeous fully in my landing net.


It was the culmination of my fishing year so far, in which I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve so far. In spring I caught my first koi, in another session my first 20kg+ carp and finally my first beauty. I looked at this beauty on the mat a little speechless and was happy that mother nature had produced such beautiful beings.

The next highlight of the week came a day later in the early evening. After sitting in the shallow water with straw hats on our heads in the sweltering heat most of the day and drinking the odd hop smoothie, we decided to make dinner. How could it be otherwise.. just as it was done my rod ran off. An absolutely brutal bite out of nowhere promised an exciting fight and that's how it happened. After three quarters of an hour and an exhausted biceps we were able to skim off a nice Schuppi. This stayed just under the magical 30 pounds mark, but still made us overjoyed, because (except for my 2 fish) not only my buddy was without a fish so far, but also the other 6 anglers who were sitting around the lake and at about the same time had traveled with us.


But in contrast to them, I simply had very good food. I fed the whole time with 20mm Liver Bomb Boilies and crushed Liver Bomb Boilies, which I also refined with Liver Bomb Liquid. For hookbait I used the 15mm Natural Bloodworm Pop-Ups.


Due to my buddy's success in catching, we decided to go to another body of water for the last 2 days. After all the lakes we knew of in the area were full, we drove around the area looking for an appealing body of water. Then he remembered a gravel pit, which is miles away from the next village, in the middle of fields. When we arrived we got a little euphoric. Nobody far and wide, crystal clear water and sandbanks clearly visible from a hill. However, there were no fish to be seen anywhere, but for lack of alternatives we set up and cast our rods. After throwing my first rod, I felt a certain desire, grabbed the edelweiß reel and a spade and was about to disappear into the bushes when the rod started whistling. During the drill we quickly realized that it would be very difficult to land hooked fish, because now it turned out that the weed was meters deep in water throughout the lake. Unfortunately I lost the fish. Only a huge clump of weed came after I swam the rig free. And that shouldn't be the last time. I had to laboriously thread almost every fish out of the cabbage, but after about 10 very small fish (2-3 kg), a Schuppi finally came that was handsome.


A slightly better mirror followed. However, there was only one place on this body of water... Mine!


All the fish came on the pink Natural Bloodworm Pop-Up, which was offered next to a few 20mm Liver Bomb boilies on the spinner rig. It is only to be hoped that my friend will bring decent bait to the next session and also start catching fish.

Until next time. Peter hail!


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