Sensational 48 hours from Felix

Sensational 48 hours from Felix

Monday morning 8:00 a.m. The alarm clock rings and I drag myself out of bed. First a Red Bull and then it finally starts. My goal, a 28ha quarry pond, which has already cost me some nerves this year. The reason? Countless blanks despite good preparation.

Arriving at the lake, the trolley is quickly packed and off you go over hill and dale. The selected spot has an inconspicuous small bay on the right side, with a large open water area on the left. The tent is set up quickly and finally we can start.

my food? 26mm Natural Beast boilies that I trust blindly. I pimped it up with a good shot of Natural Beast Liquid the day before. In the small bay I feed 2kg Beast's at the start, the same on my other spot about 60 meters away.

It's now around 12:00 p.m. and it's almost 20 degrees. Rods out and let's go. After all the "stress" I make myself a shisha. What a great location where I chill.

It's quiet during midday, a few carp jump in the lake and I enjoy the tranquility of the water. Around 7:00 p.m. your stomach is growling, a fat steak on the grill... And what is that? "Biiiiiiiiiiiiep beep beeeeeeeeeep" After a hard drill, the first mirror is on the mat. What a great start!

Now it was there, the long-awaited new motivation at this lake. Immediately grabbed the bucket, fed it properly and I was ready for the night. The night passed quietly until morning came.

Just in time for sunrise my rod ran off for the second time. A beautiful Schuppi with a unique scale pattern. What a unique! Immediately put the rod back in place and made a coffee. And then the bite alarm screams again. The rod was on the spot for less than 5 minutes. Carp number 3 is on the mat, I can hardly believe my luck.

Around 11.00 a.m. I refilled both spots well. The weather changes, it starts to rain and gets uncomfortably cool. During a short break in the rain at noon, my bite alarm screams again. Carp No.4 and that's a really good one! Unbelievable how it can work. Pure balm for my fishing soul after these countless blanks.

In the next few hours, my rod actually ran down three more times! Carp No.5, 6 and 7! All beautiful fish that raised a lot of alarms during the drill.

I'll keep it short last night was quiet. Again at sunrise my rod ran off for the eighth time. Unbelievable! Then, unfortunately, it was time to pack up. A really sensational 48 hour session!

The most important finding, never give up, wipe your mouth and attack again! Endurance is rewarded and then you experience such great moments on the water.

I wish you all maximum success on the water and of course neatly crooked rods.

Until next time…


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