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Winter Bundle L

Winter Bundle L

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With our Blackdeere Winter Bundle L you can expect some products that are ideal for instant sessions, cold water or spring. The Winter Bundle L gives you a 15% discount on the official retail price!

The following products are included in the Winter Bundle L:

- 5kg Classic Corny Boilies 20mm

- 5kg Classic Krilly Boilies 20mm

- 1 x Classic Corny Paste

- 1 x Classic Corny Pop Ups 15mm

- 1 x Classic Corny Liquid

- 1 x Classic Krilly Paste

- 1 x Classic Krilly Pop Up 15mm

- 1 x Classic Krilly Liquid

- 2x Bait Activator Sweet Blast

- 2x Bait Activator Fish Blast

- 2 x 100g Ready Bloodworms

- 2 x 100g ready shrimp small

- 2 x 100g Ready Mini Shrimp

- 2 x 100g Ready Antarctic Krill