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Winter Bundle XXL

Winter Bundle XXL

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With our Blackdeere Winter Bundle XXL you can expect some products that are ideal for instant sessions, cold water or spring. The Winter Bundle XXL gives you a whopping 25% discount on the official retail price!

The following products are included in the Winter Bundle XXL:

- 5kg Natural Bloodworm Boilies 15mm

- 5kg Natural Beauty Boilies 15mm

- 1 x Natural Bloodworm Paste

- 1 x Natural Bloodworm Bait Spray

- 1 x Natural Bloodworm Liquid

- 1kg Natural Bloodworm Stickmix

- 1 x Natural Bloodworm Fluo Pop Ups 12mm

- 1 x natural beauty paste

- 1 x Natural Beauty Bait Spray

- 1 x Natural Beauty Liquid

- 1kg Natural Beauty stick mix

- 1 x Natural Beauty Fluo Pop Ups 12mm

- 2x Bait Activator Sweet Blast

- 2 x Bait Activator Betaine Blast

- 5 x 100g Ready Bloodworms

- 5 x 100g ready shrimp small