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Grow my Tree supports us on the way to producing climate-neutral soon, so we plant a tree for every order!

But why plant trees?

In Germany, every citizen causes about 9600 kg of CO2 per year through consumption, nutrition, travel and energy consumption. This also includes us anglers through feed, tackle, packaging, etc. However, we cannot completely reduce our CO2 consumption. Therefore, we must ensure that our CO2 disappears from the air again.

Trees are a natural wonder because they absorb CO2 from the air and use it as an energy source for wood, roots, leaves or needles. A tree can convert approx. 22kg of CO2 into oxygen per year through photosynthesis.

If every person were to plant as many trees as they emit CO2, the CO2-related climate change would be stopped 100%. If we get closer to the goal of planting 440 trees per capita, we can manage to neutralize our entire carbon footprint for life.

BLACKDEERE Graph of greenhouse gas emissions per capita

Where and how are the trees planted?

  • The trees are planted in collaboration with our partners in the Global South
  • Basically, the use of a tree for the compensation of CO2 and climate protection is given worldwide , no matter where emissions are caused and emitted.
  • The trees are first sown in tree nurseries and grown into seedlings.
  • The seedlings are planted with the support of local small farmers and villagers, generating local employment and income opportunities.
  • The villages protect their new forests out of their own interest. '

Blackdeere tree map


Especially as a company from the fishing industry, it is very important to us to pollute our waters and thus our nature as little as possible. Our goal is to become a climate-neutral company, which means eliminating as many emissions as we cause! On this path, GROW MY TREE is the perfect partner for us.

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Official Nash Tackle Dealer. We deliberately chose Nash as our partner. A family business that, like us, places the highest demands on its products. Quality, functionality and efficiency are very important here.

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