Premium Pellets

Blackdeere Pellets: The quick booster for every feeding place

Maximum attraction and attractiveness all year round

Our Blackdeere pellets offer a quick boost for every feeding spot. They work immediately after being put into the water, are quickly soluble in water and reliably keep the carp on the spot.

Our pellets are premium products that are made exclusively with high-quality and highly attractive ingredients. These ensure that the pellets have a maximum attracting effect and attract the carp irresistibly.

Our pellets are the optimal year-round solution to increase the attractiveness of your feeding place. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, Blackdeere pellets offer you the perfect mix of quick solubility and long-lasting effect.

Trust Blackdeere for effective and successful fishing experiences. Our pellets are the ideal choice to boost your feeding spot quickly and sustainably and maximize your chances of catching a fish.