How can I return my product?
If you wish to return your product, you must send us the completed and signed cancellation form by post or email within 14 days of receiving your product. We will check the request and then let you know to which address you need to return your product.

Who has to pay for the return shipment?
High return rates are a major reason for the poor environmental performance of online commerce. It is important to us not to support this return trend.

The cost of a return shipment must therefore be borne by the customer.

How can I cancel my order?
You can inform us of your cancellation via the contact form. We ask you to make this possible quickly. If the package has already been shipped by the manufacturer, the customer must register and return the package as a normal return. In this case, you as the customer would have to pay for the return shipping costs.

How can I exchange an item?
At Blackdeere it is not possible to exchange an item for free.
However, you can return your product for a fee and then order the right product.

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Our Blackdeere products are made with love down to the smallest detail. All products are tested for you by our team 365 days a year under all conditions and optimally tailored to your needs. In addition to environmentally friendly processes and a sustainable company policy, we are characterized by our service and proximity to our customers. Only when you are satisfied are we too!

Official Nash Tackle Dealer. We deliberately chose Nash as our partner. A family business that, like us, places the highest demands on its products. Quality, functionality and efficiency are very important here.

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