Hier fliegen runde Boilies durch das Bild und fixiert in der Mitte des Bildes ist die Überschrift Wafter zu sehen. Darunter in klein der Satz weightless to success. Der Hintergund ist schwarz und orange


Discover the weightless Blackdeere Wafters

Perfectly balanced baits for maximum fishing success

Immerse yourself in the world of Blackdeere Wafters, which are weightless hookbaits that are perfectly balanced for every situation. With exquisite ingredients and the highest quality, they offer a unique selling point.

Our wafters are suitable for every boilie and every range and guarantee an effective bait presentation. Thanks to their lightness in the water, they are more easily sucked in by the carp and settle effortlessly on mud and algae when laid out.

Rely on Blackdeere for wafters that increase your chances of catching fish and make your fishing experience unforgettable.