The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important and switching to an environmentally friendly lifestyle is becoming more and more important for many people. But what does "sustainability" actually mean?

Sustainability generally aims to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle that also enables future generations - our successors - to lead a good life. So sustainability also means that we don't simply deplete our resources, but always leave enough behind for nature to recover.
So we want to avoid species extinction and resource shortages. Exactly these things are important if we want to preserve our planet for a long time. A sustainable lifestyle wants to avoid wasting resources, because in doing so we not only harm our planet, but also ourselves.

It is important to us at BLACKDEERE to be considerate of our planet and future generations. You too can contribute your part to a more sustainable lifestyle, because the consumer behavior of each individual counts in order to be able to make a difference!

Sustainability down to the smallest detail! When manufacturing our Blackdeere products, we attach great importance to environmentally friendly work processes and supply chains. In almost all of our products, we do not use artificial flavors or artificial colors, which protects the water and the health of the fish! All packaging is made from recycled materials. In addition, we only use "old" newsprint as packaging material.

In addition, we made a conscious decision to go with the Nash company when it came to tackle. The products guarantee a long and reliable durability thanks to the highest quality materials. You will enjoy these products for many years!

By partnering with Grow My Tree, we plant a tree for every order! In this way we want to achieve the goal of becoming a climate-neutral company.

A tree can convert approx. 22kg of CO2 into wood and oxygen per year through photosynthesis and its growth.

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If a person only plants approx. 440 trees, their entire annual CO2 emissions are neutralized by trees. Year for year.

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Our Blackdeere products are made with love down to the smallest detail. All products are tested for you by our team 365 days a year under all conditions and optimally tailored to your needs. In addition to environmentally friendly processes and a sustainable company policy, we are characterized by our service and proximity to our customers. Only when you are satisfied are we too!

Official Nash Tackle Dealer. We deliberately chose Nash as our partner. A family business that, like us, places the highest demands on its products. Quality, functionality and efficiency are very important here.

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