Frankreich Karpfenangeln
Es war endlich so weit! Am Montag morgen klingelte mein Wecker und voller Vorfreude sprang ich aus dem Bett. Eine ganz besondere Session stand bevor. Mein Ziel: ein circa 20ha See, mit einer Tiefe von bis zu 18 Meter und traumhaft schönen türkis farbigen Wasser.

Schnell war mein Auto gepackt und losging die Fahrt zur „Blauen Lagune“. Am Ziel angekommen wartete Arnaud bereits auf mich und unsere gemeinsame Session konnte endlich starten...
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Goldener Herbst von Tommy
It was the last weekend in October. For me the absolute prime time of the year. However, the weather gave little hope, high pressure and temperatures around 20 degrees. It doesn't matter, the vacation was submitted. According to the motto, only wet lines catch fish. Everyone knows it, that tingling in your stomach that lasts for days, the anticipation, the plan and the tactics in your head... when you're really on fire again...
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Der laufende Platz von Robert
Despite being on vacation, we left early in the morning and with lots of coffee so that we could reach the water before the temperatures were unbearable. 36 degrees in the shade were announced for the day and it shouldn't get any better for the rest of the week either.
After a few slippery descents, we had our gear in our designated spot and watched the water. The first fish were not long in coming and revealed their position...
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Karpfenangeln am Etang des Gaulois
Carp fishing at the Etang des Gaulois At last it was time! After months of anticipation, Mario and I went to the famous Etang des Gaulois in mid-September. At 5:00 sharp my alarm clock woke me up. Quickly made a...
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Karpfenangeln am Schloss
It's summer time and the warm days are here. I set off to fish at a small moated castle. Once there, I saw an idyllic castle with a magnificent backdrop. I first did a tour and looked where fish can be seen. The water was extremely cloudy but I could still see a few carp on the surface...
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