Bait pastes in use

Bait pastes in use

With our Blackdeere pastes you can bring maximum attractiveness to your hookbait in just a few seconds. Due to their special consistency, the pastes are ideal for coating the lead or boilies.

Step 1. You choose the paste you want, in our example it is the Squid Bomb Paste.


Step 2. Take the desired amount of paste from the can and knead the paste around the lead. Within a few seconds you can turn a "normal" lead into a highly attractive booster in the immediate vicinity of your hook bait.


Step 3. You can also directly sheathe your hookbait for maximum appeal. Whether hard hookbaits, boilies or other baits, there are no limits to your fantasies.


Step 4. You are good to go. Here we go! We wish you lots of fun testing and neatly crooked rods on the water.

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Our Blackdeere products are made with love down to the smallest detail. All products are tested for you by our team 365 days a year under all conditions and optimally tailored to your needs. In addition to environmentally friendly processes and a sustainable company policy, we are characterized by our service and proximity to our customers. Only when you are satisfied are we too!

Official Nash Tackle Dealer. We deliberately chose Nash as our partner. A family business that, like us, places the highest demands on its products. Quality, functionality and efficiency are very important here.

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