The Bloody Squid Mix

The Bloody Squid Mix

Today we present you a highly attractive mix that has outsmarted countless, sometimes really "big" carp in the last few weeks.

What do you need? Our sample mix contains: 5kg Classic Krilly Boilies, 5kg Squid Bomb Boilies, 1kg Squid Bomb Stickmix, 1 can 425g Ready Bloodworms and 500ml Squid Bomb Liquid.

But now step by step!

We put 5kg Classic Krilly Boilies in a bucket. We halve several hands so that the Classic Boilies work even faster under water.

As a second step we add 5kg Squid Bomb Boilies. This boilie is a real carp magnet and keeps the carp in place for a long time. Here, too, we break up some boilies in order to achieve maximum attraction.
As a third step, we now add 1kg of Squid Bomb Stickmix. The Stickmix forms a highly attractive cloud under water and rises in all water layers. Especially with warm water temperatures you can lure the carp to your spot.
As a natural booster, you now add 1 can of 425g Ready Bloodworms. Carp are "crazy" for midge larvae! You will notice that with a natural component, you will outwit one or the other bonus carp.
As a last step, you pimp this highly attractive mix with 500ml Squid Bomb Liquid and stir it all up properly. We recommend that you now let the mix "rest" for 1-2 hours, so that the maximum attractiveness unfolds.
We hope you enjoy testing and look forward to your feedback!
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