You, too, should take responsibility – and that without minimizing your catch

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Natural Beast Fluo Pop Ups

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  • Fluorescent
  • Strongly buoyant
  • Visually highly attractive
  • Sustainable packaging

    Content: 80g

    A red fluo pop up with an intense fish/spice smell.
    Our new Fluo Pop Ups are characterized by their buoyancy, attractiveness and longevity.

    Fluo-Pop Ups are UV active baits. UV light has the shortest wavelength of the light spectrum and therefore penetrates the water the deepest. This means that the pop-ups are visible to the carp on the bottom, even at great depths.

    Fluo Pop Ups have become an indispensable part of modern carp fishing and should not be missing from any session.

    Our Fluo Pop Ups are delivered in recycled cans for the sake of the environment.

    Convince yourself of our top-class fluo pop-ups.