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Classic Corny Boilie (5kg)

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€3,99per kg
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  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  •  Instant / feed boilie 
  • Sustainable packaging 

 Content: 5kg 

    With a sensational price of only €3.99/kg, the Classic Corny is easy on the wallet and is perfect for large or long-term feeding areas.

    How is it possible to produce a boilie at such a low price? With our Classic Boilies we deliberately do without expensive additional ingredients/attractors in order to be able to offer our customers a highly attractive price. Nevertheless, only high-quality flours are processed.

    We offer our Blackdeere Classic Boilies in 20mm and 24mm.

    The Classic Corny is a pure carbohydrate boilie. In addition to our basic mix, the Classic Corny contains bird food and other seeds. For optimal digestion, additional B vitamins and amino acids are processed in our Blackdeere Classic Boilies.

    Our Classic Corny boilie is a sweet boilie that can be perfectly combined with our premium boilies. We recommend feeding at least 1kg Premium Boilies to 10kg of feed boilies.

    The Blackdeere Classic Boilies work very well and quickly under water, release their ingredients and are optimally digestible for carp.

    Unlike our Premium Boilies (salted), the Blackdeere Classic Boilies are food-safe and have a shelf life of at least 1 year. Due to a special process, the preservative is only required in small quantities and does not affect the feeding behavior of the carp in any way. We made a conscious decision to offer our Classic series preserved in a food-safe manner, since these are boilies that are fed in very large quantities. You save about 1.8kg of salt for every 5kg of boilies. So you have a significantly lower weight, which you have to drag to the water.

    For the sake of the environment, we only use packaging made from recycled materials for our Blackdeere Classic Boilies.

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