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Nash R4 alert

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The first bite alarm to meet the challenges of the now global carp fishing world. The Siren R4 is the new standard when it comes to accurate and reliable bite indication. Whether at an English park lake or at the largest bodies of water in Europe.

Never before have so many revolutionary features been combined into one world-class package. Based on Kevin Nash's leading "Speed ​​response indication concept" of the feature like never before. Nash makes "Intelligent Sensing" even smarter.

Exactly how the various settings work is less important than the fact that they result in the R4 being able to give signals when it matters most in every imaginable situation, even in the biggest storm or when fishing from a boat and to be silent if not. Never before has there been a bite alarm that was so intelligent in avoiding unnecessary beeps.

Roller Wheel Sensing

The factory setting for the R4 is the classic measurement of the rotation of the wheel inside. Even if the "Speed ​​Sensing" is clearly superior in normal cases, this setting has its place. For example when fishing with zigs in winter when very slow bites are to be expected.

Speed ​​Sensing

Two selectable levels of "Speed ​​Sensing" react to the speed of the line withdrawal - faster than 1cm or 2cm per second to prevent unnecessary beeps. Both settings also use the “Drift Sensing Safeguard”.

Wave Sensing

Two other settings use the new “Wave Sensing Technology” to eliminate individual beeps when waves hit or when fishing from a boat. Depending on the setting, the bite alarm reacts at 1cm or 2cm line pull-off per second and after 15 or 30cm line pull-off forwards or backwards via the wheel. Both "Wave Sensing" settings also use the "Drift Sensing Safeguard".

Drift Sensing Safe Guard

Another revolutionary innovation of the R4 is the “Drift Sensing Safeguard”. This prevents slow-moving objects such as floating weed or thread algae from pulling line off the reel unnoticed, without the speed sensing of the bite alarm indicating this.

Drop Back Sensing

All settings of the R4 provide a drop bite indicator that uses a double descending, lower tone to signal the direction of line movement.

Guiding Light

The innovative 'Homecoming Mode' is the R4's feature ace - designed with the boat angler in mind, it offers a rear integrated LED which, when switched on, provides the angler with a reference point for safe and straight forward boat navigation on the return trip.

Night Glo

Matching the launch of the revolutionary R4 bite alarm, the Night Glo range appears. Novel optical bite alarms, which can be connected directly to your R4. Connection to the bite alarm's power supply will result in the Night Glo Bobbins or Swing Arm Heads lighting up whenever the bite alarm's LED is illuminated. Available in colors to match the R4's LED options, plus a black version with a white LED inside.

R4 bite alarm

  • "Homecoming Mode" for safe navigation with the boat
  • Five different sensitivity settings for every situation
  • Eight different tones and volumes
  • Freely selectable LED colors in red, blue, white, green or purple
  • Highlighted LED for the best view from all angles
  • Two LED brightness levels
  • MMCX Bayonet connector for the Nash Night Glo Indicator Range
  • R4 bite alarms come with an MMCX converter to connect conventional bobbins or slap heads directly to the bite alarm.
  • Drop back function with descending tone
  • A corrugated rubber insert protects the blank and prevents rods from slipping
  • Three different discreet "Stealth" modes
  • Low battery warning
  • Rubberized, detachable snag ears
  • Fully digital functionality for 100% waterproof performance
  • Matt black rubberized finish
  • Rubber sleeve on the thread for a secure hold and precise alignment
  • Supplied with a protective, snap-on PVC sleeve
  • Operated with 2 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Available individually as well as in 2, 3 or 4 Rod Presentation Sets

WARNING: Battery life is affected by a variety of factors. All figures given can be affected by external circumstances.




Each alarm and receiver in a 2, 3 and 4 rod set has a unique 7 digit code on the inside of the battery compartment. You need this serial number to register your bite alarm.

Each bite alarm and the radio box, regardless of whether it is a 2, 3 or 4 rod set, must be individually registered with the serial number!


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