You, too, should take responsibility – and that without minimizing your catch

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Natural Bloodworm Boilie

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  • Without artificial flavor
  • Without synthetic colouring
  • Without artificial preservatives
  • Sustainable packaging

Attention to detail and the highest quality ingredients make our Natural Bloodworm a top-class boilie.

In addition to premium fish meal, highly attractive krill meal also serves as the basis. Pure bloodworm extract, which is rich in proteins and stimulants, gives our Natural Bloodworm its uniquely intense smell and taste. Other natural delicacies bring the carp into a veritable feeding frenzy.

Our Natural Bloodworm boilie can be perfectly combined with various insects. Also in combination with our food boilies, the Natural Bloodworm is always the right choice as a "treat". We recommend a ratio of 1kg to 10kg feed boilies.

The Natural Bloodworm boilie is salted. We completely do without artificial preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Of course, this boilie is only rolled with fresh eggs.

The packaging of our Natural Bloodworm Boilie is made from recycled materials for the sake of the environment.

Convince yourself of this unique boilie. But beware, sleepless nights are guaranteed!