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Natural Bloodworm Hookbaits
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Natural Bloodworm Hookbaits

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  • Without artificial flavor
  • Without synthetic colouring
  • Sustainable packaging

    Content 150g.

    Our hookbaits are available in two different versions. So you can choose the optimal hookbait for your situation.

    Our Natural Bloodworm hard hookbaits are characterized by their extreme hardness. Even in waters with a large white fish or crayfish, the hookbaits hold the hair reliably for at least 48 hours.

    Especially in the warmer months (in the colder months we recommend weightless wafters) as a single hookbait or in combination with a pop up (snowman), our hookbaits are always the right choice.

    The Natural Bloodworm soaked hookbaits are highly attractive and completely soaked through. These are not hard hookbaits but very attractive hookbaits.

    Our hookbaits are delivered in recycled cans for the sake of the environment.