Autumn session by Wladi

Autumn session by Wladi

The sea

I ended up staying at a 28-hectare lake for two nights. At night with an outside temperature of up to minus 5 degrees, despite the fact that the tent heating failed, it didn't stop me from spending an overall great time by the water.
The bottom of the water in my area is very heavily overgrown with weed, some of which protrudes almost to the water surface. With the sonar I found two feeding holes. One at 5m with relatively hard gravel bottom and the other at 4m, with a slightly softer muddy bottom.
The water was 7 degrees and the fish were not in the mood to eat.


So my strategy was set! Little bait, make it as attractive as possible and throw to the hook bait selectively. I couldn't do without a PVA bag because of my hitting skills - always on the safe side is the motto here!
I kept my assembly very simple: I tied a simple hair rig out of soft leader material, with a line aligner on the 4 hook, no more and no less.
Then came a twenty Natural Beast Boilie and fake corn as an eye-catcher.

feed mix

I grabbed a small bucket, poured some of the Ready particle mix into it, and then fine tuned it!
I added Natural Beast Liquid, Ready Silkworms, Ready Freshwater Shrimps, and the Natural Beast Stickmix. Finally, I crumbled some Natural Beast Boilies and halved a few more. 1kg of feed was ready for use!

First night

Quiet! And to top it all off, the tent heating fails. Or rather, I took an almost empty gas bottle with me - it was my own fault!
Anyway, I'll just make myself a warm coffee...forgot the water!
That's what happens when you throw yourself headfirst into an adventure.
Luckily I had gotten iced coffee from the gas station, warmed it up once - works!
I spent the rest of the night in the cozy bed and slept really well despite everything. Until tomorrow through...

thinking phase

The day began for me with the second hot iced coffee from the gas station. How can a morning start better? Exactly - with a carp pearl! I didn't have that...
I thought about it and had some alternatives - in the end I followed my intuition.
So go ahead, check out spots!
The bait was only now starting to really work due to the cold water, so I decided not to change it, but just put a new PVA bag on, this time with only silkworms and a little dip. Same game on both rods. A handful of my leftover mix also followed - I'll leave the rest to the night! I didn't expect a bite until after 2 a.m., so here's my experience so far and that of others as well. Biting frequencies between 2 and 7 o'clock.
In the meantime, my sister's heart brought me water, I love you!

second night

A warm soup rocked me to sleep and I was hoping for the long-awaited run at any moment. Out into the ice night! Fishing!
But the fish took its time...

The early boilie catches the carpi

6:50 a.m., two to three beeps and silence. Drop bite on the 4m spot! There's one hanging!
The risk of losing him in the coleslaw is too high for me at this point, so get on the boat!
No fight - the little fellow crouched in the weed and waited for me. Maybe my 100g lead was too heavy for him? Doesn't matter! I have been rewarded. That's all I wanted at that moment. Thanks!
This little gem put a smile on my face. Exactly that is the magic I wish everyone!

Thanks for reading and keep warm this time of year friends!

Your Wladi!

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