Golden Autumn by Tommy

Golden Autumn by Tommy

It was the last weekend in October. For me the absolute prime time of the year. However, the weather gave little hope, high pressure and temperatures around 20 degrees. It doesn't matter, the vacation was submitted. According to the motto, only wet lines catch fish. Everyone knows it, that tingling in your stomach that lasts for days, the anticipation, the plan and the tactics in your head... when you're really on fire again.

It was supposed to be four nights at the home waters around the corner. A relatively small but very fine old quarry pond. I already know the lake very well and you know about the hot spots. Luck is part of fishing. But I'm not one to rely solely on luck. For me, success on the water means good preparation, work and investing a lot of time in advance. So a week before I went to the lake every day to feed my spods. A small risk at this time, the lake is known for its good stock and the fishing pressure is quite high. It doesn't matter, I was already able to hit the lake on Wednesday afternoon. Big advantage for me. For baiting I decided on a mix of 20mm and 24mm Squid Bomb and Liver Bomb Boilies. I pimped the whole thing with Krill and Liver Liquid. Add Liver Stick Mix and a nice spoonful of Bait Activator Fish. So it went to my holy lake every day. 3 to 4 coarse scoops per spod per day should be good preparation.


On the third day, the coveted weevils were already showing up in my chosen area. It makes your heart beat so much faster and you can hardly wait any longer.

3 days later it was time. Rid off the working day as quickly as possible. Car already packed, we quickly went to the water after work. I hope nobody is sitting in your seat accompanied me the whole trip. Arrived, no one at the lake! Yes!!! I felt it was going to be my weekend. Stamped the bivvy in the grass. Now it was time for the assembly. I've trusted my D-rig to do this for years. The wide gape hooks in sizes 4 and 2 have particularly come to the fore in my fishing. I trust my rig 100%. The bait should be a snowman rig with a 24 mm Squid Bomb Hookbait and matching 15 mm Poppi. On the other rod a 24mm Liver Bomb Hookbait was used with a 15mm Squid Poppi.


Approached the spods, put them down and fed them another coarse trowel of the already mentioned mix. Unfortunately, the weather forecast didn't get any better, which was also noticeable on the first night. Not a wobble on the rod. I slept well...but that wasn't the plan. So after the first coffee we went on a search for clues. The spods were driven off with the underwater camera. To the amazement, everything has been eaten empty and the finest feeding holes. Didn't think twice, another tactic was needed. I knew that there was snowman fishing here all year round. Maybe the colorful Poppis put people off by now. Short story, short sense. Montages reloaded, this time Squid and Liver Bomb as 24mm single hookbait.

What happened next is what many anglers describe as a great moment on the water. The tide turned the following night. At dawn the spark shrilled and I was able to land my first good Schuppi. Noticed on Squid Bomb.


Further in the text. Rod sharpened again. The next run in the midday hours, again on the freshly laid Squid Bomb rod. The first mega escape went straight into the Krautfeld. Off to the boat. The carp put up a mega fight, but I should emerge victorious. Number 2 on the have side. Yes!!! Things picked up speed.


The next night the Squid Bomb rod rattled off again. The next Schuppi couldn't resist. On average, all have been in the good £30 range so far. I thought to myself. But the Liver Bomb rod was still silent. Why didn't I get her running. But old orphan anglers once told me to leave it alone. I decided to keep trusting my Liver Bomb boilie.

This was the right decision, an unforgettable moment. The pack fish of the year. You still remember the words of the anglers? Yes, it was the Liver Bomb rod that lay untouched for almost 2 days. An angler one spod down just covered his face with his hands and laughed at himself. Stories that life writes. The smallest fish of the session drew the most attention and gave me an incredibly exciting but mega moment. The rest is history.


Then I took the iron out of the fire and headed home. What an incredible weekend. I hope you enjoyed my trip and thank you for reading.

your tommy

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