Carp fishing at the castle

Carp fishing at the castle

It's summer time and the warm days are here. I set off to fish at a small moated castle. Once there, I saw an idyllic castle with a magnificent backdrop. I first did a tour and looked where fish can be seen. The water was extremely cloudy, but I still managed to spot a few carp on the surface.

On one side of the castle there was significantly more water surface. I stood against the wall and began to feed them bread. I wanted to find out if the carp were eating right off the surface.

After a short time the carp began to accept the floating bread. My plan was set! Outsmarting my first "Schloss Karpfen" with floating bread. I grabbed some light tackle and went back to the spot and got my rod ready to go. The right spot was quickly found and the carp came closer and closer.


Pure Adrenaline! bang! Then the first carp grabbed my floating bread. After several violent escapes, I was able to hold my first small castle carp in my hands.


After the fish there was silence on the surface and no more fish were to be seen.

The carp were startled by the catch and moved away. change of plan! I had to change places and went to the other side. There I had a beautiful view of the medieval castle. To pass the time I grabbed my camera and took some nice photos.


Then carp appeared again on the surface and I made another attempt to catch another carp from this particular water.


And it worked again!

The size of the carp didn't matter to me there, the unique setting was the key point.

After that it was time to pack up. A sensational short session on a unique body of water ends for me with two pretty little carp. My plan worked out perfectly and I happily made my way home.

Until next time.


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