Carp fishing in France

Carp fishing in France

At the beginning of July Wladi, his wife, his son and I went to France. The goal was a beautiful Paylake, which we booked exclusively for ourselves.

After a tiring drive (about 7 hours) we reached our destination, we were thrilled! We had a great bungalow right on the lake and a stunning terrace right on the shore.

After unpacking, the first thing on the agenda was "location". Several interesting spots were quickly found and our feed could be prepared.

Wladi created a mix of Natural Beast Boilies in 20mm and 24mm. He refined the whole thing with ready Bloodworms, Natural Beast Stickmix, ready particles and a good shot of Natural Beast Liquid. As a rig, Wladi used a D-rig equipped with a 24mm Natural Beast soaked hookbait and a Natural Beast Fluo Pop Up.

I used the same mix in the "sweet" version with the Natural Beauty.

The rods and the feed were quickly placed and we were able to enjoy a beautiful French sunset. We let the evening end comfortably with several cool drinks.

It got turbulent the first morning. At around 7:30 a.m., Vladi screeched his bite alarm. After a spectacular fight with a successful rescue operation in the weed, Wladi was able to hold an absolutely exceptional fish in his hands. WOW, unbelievable! What a great start!

Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_1

The picture book start was the start of a really unique session.

Pictures say more than 1000 words! With this in mind, enjoy the impressions of this unique trip to France!

Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_2
Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_3
Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_4
Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_5
Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_6
Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_8
Blackdeere_carp fishing in France_9

See you soon
Wladi & Felix

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